Food Environments That Support Shopper Equity

A user-friendly collection of lessons and tools for hunger relief agencies and their partners.

History of Food Shopper Equity

This work began in 2016 between several partners listed below. We began with a goal of helping hunger relief agencies highlight available low sodium foods in King County, WA. Our goals were to promote improved access to healthy and culturally relevant foods while also creating a more respectful shopper experience in the process. Over time, we developed a framework that supported these agencies in making changes to their layout, processes, and policies.
Now, we want to share this process with others.
For a look at the impact and scope of the grant-funded Healthy Food Environment project, check out the report here.

Resources and Lesson Series

We Thank Our Partners

We would like to thank the following organizations who contributed their time, resources, and expertise to the Healthy Food Environments Project in King County and to the development of the Food Shopper Equity site.