Watch this lesson series to learn about developing and implementing a nutrition policy. Each lesson builds upon another and is meant to be watched in sequential order. To the right of each video are resources that will be relevant for that lesson or homework to complete before moving on to the next lesson.

Lesson 1: Why Nutrition Policies

In this lesson we present foundational elements in developing a nutrition policy. You will orient yourself with what a nutrition policy is and why having one is important.

Resources & Homework

None for this lesson

Lesson 2: Building Your Policy

Learn the elements of a nutrition policy and common barriers to writing one while enhancing your knowledge of identifying stakeholders and how you can engage them throughout the process.  

Lesson 3: Setting Goals

Define SMART goals and successfully obtain shopper feedback using our recommended methods.

Lesson 4: Implement & Evaluate

Learn how to create implementation and evaluation plans so you can write a policy that meets the needs of the people you serve.

Peer Interviews

Interested in hearing how it works in real life to develop and implement a nutrition policy? Read below to learn how three agencies have navigated their nutrition policy journeys. 

Nutrition Guidelines & Ranking Systems

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a nutrition expert to develop a strong policy for your agency. Here are several examples of nutrition guidelines and ranking systems for evaluating the nutritional quality of foods.

Sample Nutrition Policies

Want to know what others have done? Look no further. Below are five sample policies from a few of our partners; many of whom attended past nutrition policy development workshops taught by us.