Use this page to increase your agency’s ability to center shoppers. We have you covered from communicating with donors and receiving shopper feedback to providing various types of nutrition education and procurement strategies. We are an advocate for anti-racist practices. So while committing to changing physical spaces, you can also create a more equitable organization by assessing your policies and relationships with the tools provided below.

Donor Communication

It can seem like an impossible road to change the food you receive and how you make requests. Use the below print and social media templates to help make it possible. 

Shopper Surveys

Surveys are one useful way to collect feedback from shoppers about their experience in your pantry. Check out these examples for inspiration.

Behavioral Economics Change

The tools in this section offer ways to promote specific foods and recipes, as well as posters highlighting easy ways to reduce sodium. The first resource is our Creating Healthy Food Environments guide and can be used in line with the Designing Health and Shopper-Centered Spaces learning series.

Planning Your Food Options

There can be a lot to consider when planning your food options. These resources are designed to make it easier. Check out the tools below for procurement tips and simple swaps.