Watch the below series of lessons to learn about the transformative work of designing a health and shopper-centered space. Each lesson builds upon another and is meant to be watched in sequential order. To the right of each video are resources that will be relevant for that lesson or homework to complete before moving on to the next lesson.

Prework Lesson: Customer Advisory Groups

This prework lesson is the recommended starting place to build a foundation for designing your space with the health and wellness of your shoppers in mind.

Lesson 1: Overview

An overview of behavioral economics as it relates to food pantries while also broadly explaining how to identify your stakeholders.

Lesson 2: Through the Shoppers’ Eyes

Learn the importance of centering shoppers and how to observe your space through their eyes to begin identifying improvements.

Lesson 3: Strategy Deep Dive

This lesson takes an in-depth look at each behavioral economics strategy and provides tools and resources to begin sourcing and tracking equipment needs.

Lesson 4: Strategize and Plan

Prioritizing, strategizing, and implementing changes are all made feasible with this step-by-step process.

Lesson 5: Iterate and Evaluate

Learn evaluation methods and tips to reveal the impacts of change.